Frequently asked Questions

What are the recalls about? It sounds political?

The recalls aren’t about politics. They’re a bipartisan effort organized by concerned citizens in Newberg and Dundee to hold Brian Shannon and Dave Brown accountable for their acts of lawlessness, abuse of power, catastrophic financial mismanagement and the “no cause” firing of the respected and talented superintendent Dr. Joe Morelock.

Why a recall now of these specific School Board Members?

Now is the time to recall Dave Brown and Brian Shannon due to several ethical and legal issues. Dave Brown and Brian Shannon are being sued for violating Oregon’s Public Meeting Laws to hire a political activist attorney on the taxpayer’s dime. Since the lawsuit was announced, they likely violated those laws at least three more times. They are becoming more and more emboldened in their positions and will continue to run our district into ruin unless they are held accountable.

Won’t this recall cost our community a lot of money?

Despite running on fiscal conservatism, Dave Brown and Brian Shannon’s actions are financially destroying the Newberg School District. The no-cause firing of Superintendent Joe Morelock alone will cost the district up to $400,000 when all is said and done. Lawsuits from the ACLU and local citizens could cost millions. And the unlawful hiring of their private attorney is costing the district at least $300 an hour, with no transparency of his billing.

I don’t have kids in Newberg Schools, why should I care?

How does it make you feel to see our community of Newberg & Dundee dragged through the mud on national television? Is it okay for the Chair of our local school board be publicly involved with well known extremist organizations and anti public school activists? Bad press is negatively affecting our town, local business community, and possibly local housing prices. It is not just about schools, but about the impact on our entire community. When our town has strong, functioning schools it benefits everyone. The recall of these two school board members is the only way to stop the madness, and put Newberg & Dundee back in the headlines for positive reasons. This is why many local business owners & community leaders are backing the recalls.

Isn’t keeping politics out of schools a good thing?

Brian Shannon and Dave Brown were the architects and forced a vote on a policy many view as racist and homophobic. The policy was flawed from the beginning, and almost impossible to enforce, putting the Newberg School District in legal jeopardy. Not only does it put the district at legal risk, they failed to detail how this complaint based policy would be enforced. Their politically driven action has led to division, hate, and created a vigilante reporting system that pits community members, students and teachers against one another. Brian and Dave are the ones forcing their personal political beliefs into our schools.

Who is behind the recall effort?

The Recall Brian Shannon and Recall Dave Brown team is made up of 100% local unpaid volunteers. We are parents, business owners, and citizens of Newberg & Dundee who care deeply about our students and our community. We believe in and are using the democratic process to hold our elected officials accountable for their bad actions.

“When you exert a real-world force upon hideous people, they become more hideous, bringing decent people into your effort. You then exert more force, begetting more hideousness, and so on, until your opponent is reduced to only the most loathsome people on Earth, in numbers too small to win.”

In the news

District awash in chaos can’t afford hasty school chief move

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“It’s hard to grasp the almost incalculable damage done to our neighboring Newberg School District in recent months by four fringe zealots empowered in low-turnout elections by naively unsuspecting voters. It should serve as a dire warning to voters everywhere that every election matters, no matter how low the stakes might appear on the surface.”

TIMELINE: Newberg school board saga

“NEWBERG, Ore. (KOIN) — The Newberg School District has had some major changes and trials in the last year.”

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“While Chair Brown and Vice Chair Shannon have talked about returning schools back to academics and away from politics and indoctrination, they have not presented any plan or even one single action to make that happen, besides a flag ban. Their actions have actually hurt academic progress and curriculum development because of the firing of Superintendent Dr. Joe Morelock and the loss of Assistant Superintendent Dr. Derek Brown.

Chair Brown and Vice Chair Shannon have knowingly broken Public Meeting laws multiple times and have hidden action items from the public. Public transparency has been destroyed.

Over and over, Chair Brown and Vice Chair Shannon’s actions have not matched their words. The recalls are not about politics, but about ineffective leadership, illegal and unethical behavior, and damaging actions done in secret.”